Sectional Overhead Doors

Safety – Inside & Out

Residential Garage Doors is committed to your safety, so every B&D Panelift® door features our Pinchfree™ finger safe design on both sides of the door, protecting fingers from being caught between the hinges.
Our Sectional Doors are made from Colorbond steel and are available in 24 standard colours and multiple custom colours.

Smooth & Quiet Operation

Custom designed B&D guides allow the door to run easily and smoothly during operation so coming and going from your home is a breeze.

Strength & Durability

Each B&D panel is made with strong reinforced COLORBOND® steel and tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate.


The Grange Panelift® range, as with all Grange Panelift® sectional overhead doors, combines the look of timber with the strength of steel. The Grange Panelift® incorporates rectangular embossments that result in an uncluttered and elegant finish

Statesman Panelift

The Statesman Panelift® uses classic Georgian squares to provide a traditional look to the home. Each Georgian square is precision pressed in manufacturing with minimal distortion to the steel. Ideally suited with our rough sawn woodgrain finish the Oxford Statesman Panelift® is also available in a smooth finish.A wide range of window options are available with the Oxford Statesman Panelift®. Each window is meticulously assembled using hard wearing clear or tinted acrylics. Window options will allow additional light to enter the garage along with a superb finish to your garage appearance.


The Nullarbor Panelift® is available in rough sawn wood-grain finish only. With clean sharp lines The Nullarbor Panelift®, with its textured finish, blends in perfectly with rendered homes. If you are looking for a door to merge into the background, The Nullarbor Panelift® is the obvious choice, complementing and magnifying your home’s intricate features.


One of two new designs available in the Seville Panelift® sectional door range The Seville Panelift® creates a timber planked style door that is built with low maintenance colorbond steel. Horizontal ‘v’ grooves create a sleek and contemporary looking garage door.
Ideally suited to the modern home, The Seville Panelift® sectional overhead door provides the perfect alternative to the ‘Oxford’ and ‘Hampton’ designs.

Window Options

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Sectional Doors


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