If your garage door fails to open and closely properly or emits a squeaking sound at the slightest movement, then the chances are you have a problem and it should be dealt with fairly quickly.

Here are the top signs of a problematic garage door and why you need to get in touch with a Residential Garage Door Franchise should any of these signs occur.

Squeaking Garage Door

A squeaking sound usually indicates poor lubrication. The most common problems resulting in a squeaking garage door usually involve dry rollers or bearings. In more serious circumstances it can be an indicator of worn bearings and the door being out of alignment.

Garage Door that Moves Too Slowly

A garage door that doesn’t move smoothly usually indicates door spring problems. It is very possible that the springs of your garage door have already run its course and will therefore require immediate replacing. The other possibility is an issue with the motor. A Residential Garage Door Franchisee is trained to service and repair all brands of motors.

Doors that Don’t Close Properly

If your door begins to close and forces open again before closing completely, this very often points to some obstruction or spring problems. Some object may have caused the obstruction so that your garage door does not close completely. Some cases involve broken cables or damaged cable pulleys, also worn drive-shafts in the motors are a common cause of closing issues.

Scraping Sound

A garage door that emits a scraping sound is usually the result of a worn out cable. In some instances this scraping sound is the result of an uneven or skewed reinforcement strut. A Residential Garage Door franchisee can diagnose the problem professionally, while replacing the frayed parts as needed.

Noisy Door

A garage door should not be overly noisy. If your door can be heard inside your home or by your neighbours, then this is not a good sign. A Residential Garage Door franchisee can isolate these noises and eliminate the majority of them, making your door as quiet as it was when it was new.

Don’t wait until too late before having your garage doors checked or the parts replaced by a trusted professional.

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