Did you know Residential Garage Doors offer maintenance and repairs to your garage doors with their experienced team being experts in the trade?

Residential Garage Doors is an Australian owned and franchised business, specializing in all aspects of new garage door installations as well as maintaining and servicing your existing garage doors.

Armadale residents can call today for sound friendly advice and extremely competitive prices. We can make sure that your garage door is operating properly and your personal belongings are safe and securely locked away.

What can vary greatly is the actual life span of your garage door which can vary greatly depending on how much wear and tear it has endured over the years to the quality of the parts and motor installed.

One thing is certain, most motor parts are built with a limited working life expectancy. It is quite possible that the motor in your garage door will fail one day unless you have had your garage serviced and maintained regularly over the years.

What would be most inconvenient is to leave your home with your possessions unprotected because you couldn’t close your garage door!

For new garage door installations or garage door repairs, Armadale is serviced by our team of franchised specialists from Residential Garage Doors.

Contact Residential Garage Doors Repairs, Armadale for all your garage door needs on 1800 202 808