Residential Garage Doors is a franchised, mobile Australian business, specializing in the supply and installation of new garage doors, as well as all garage door repairs. Stirling is just one of the many suburbs which our team of specialists service.

Homeowners should be aware that if your garage door fails to open and closely properly or you hear a squeaking sound at the slightest movement, then the warning signs are there and you have a problem that needs attention promptly.

These are the signs of a problematic garage door and why you need to call Residential Garage Doors should you experience any of the following:

    1.  Squeaking Garage Door

A squeaking sound usually indicates poor lubrication or dry rollers or bearings. In more serious circumstances it can be an indicator of worn bearings and the door being out of alignment.

    1. Garage Door that Moves Too Slowly

This usually indicates door spring problems and it is very possible that the springs of your garage door have worn and need immediate replacing or there could be a problem with the  motor.

    1. Doors that Don’t Close Properly         

If your door begins to close and forces open again before closing completely, this often indicates there is some obstruction or spring problems. Firstly it is important to check that there is no obstruction that may cause your garage door not to close completely. Otherwise, in some cases, a broken cable or damaged cable pulley or worn drive-shaft in the motor could be a cause of problem.

    1. Scraping Sound

A garage door that emits a scraping sound is usually the result of a worn out cable. In some instances this scraping sound is the result of an uneven or skewed reinforcement strut. A Residential Garage Door franchisee can diagnose the problem professionally, while replacing the frayed parts as needed.

  1. Noisy Door
    A garage door should not be overly noisy. If your door can be heard inside your home or by your neighbours, then it needs attention and could be in need of a service.

At Residential Garage Doors we not only specialize in garage door repairs in Stirling, but give you sound advice when purchasing a new garage door.

Our friendly and experienced team can show you our latest range and help you decide which one would be most suitable for your needs. All new motors purchased come with a 5 year warranty on the motor as well as a 2 year warranty on all parts and labour.

If you are looking to replace your existing garage door with a new one, we specialize in Sectional Doors and Roller Doors both single and double sized.

For all your garage door repairs, Stirling residents can now call the specialists, Residential Garage Doors.  We offer both a same day service and a 24 hour emergency call out if your garage door breaks down.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before having your garage doors checked or the parts replaced by a trusted professional.

Contact Residential Garage Doors NOW on 1800 202 808 if you need a new garage door or to have your garage door repaired.