When was the last time you checked on the condition of your garage door? It was probably a long time ago and like most home owners it’s not high on the priority list.

Yet if it should break down, you can imagine what an inconvenience it would be to you and your family.  Regular maintenance is the key, so if you are looking for garage door repairs Gwelup, then we can help you.

Your garage door should be serviced at least every 12 months to check on a number of things including lubrication, cleanliness, the springs, cables, pulley wheels, drive chain and control boards. This will ensure that you garage door functions safely and smoothly.

Residential Garage Doors are now servicing the Gwelup area. We are a mobile, franchised Australian business and specialize in the installation and supply of new garage door as well as garage door repairs.

We are specialists in both service and repairs of all brands of garage doors and motors and are happy to order in specific parts if necessary.

All of our new parts come with a 12 month warranty and we also offer a 3 month warranty on all work carried out by our technicians, including garage door repairs.

Gwelup residents, for all your garage door problems and advice, contact us now so we can give your garage door the service and maintenance it needs to keep it in good working condition.

Contact Residential Garage Door Repairs, Gwelup for all your maintenance needs NOW on 1800 202 808.