Dianella was named after the botanical title of a small blue lily, Dianella revoluta, which is a narrow-leafed plant which was plentiful in the area prior to residential development.

Dianella is home to all of Perth’s commercial television studios.
Comfortably living in Dianella we all want to ensure that our car and family possessions are safe and secure when stored away in our garages.

Home owners should not be too laxed when it comes to the wear and tear, over the years, on parts of your garage door, for example, the electric motor.
Like all things electrical the motor would also have a limited life span.

This is why it is important to have your garage door serviced regularly by experts in the field.  Residential Garage Doors is a mobile, franchised Australian business, specializing in the supply and installation of new garage doors, as well as all aspects of garage door repairs. Dianella is just one area which our garage door specialists service.

We are specialists in both repairs and service of all brands of garage doors and motors and are we are happy to order in specific parts if necessary.

All new parts supplied come with a 12 month warranty. 

All work carried out by our technicians comes with a 3 month warranty including all garage door repairs.  Dianella garage owners you should contact Residential Garage Doors, the experts in the trade, for your next garage service on 1800 202 808.

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