Is it difficult to find the right garage door for your home – well not if you follow these 6 simple steps to finding the perfect garage door.

Tip # 1: Put a premium on Quality

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and the single largest entry point to your home. You should therefore choose one that has top-quality fittings and security features. If you intend to install an automated garage door, ensure that the warranty and security features in the garage door opener are reliable and from a reputable manufacturer.

Tip # 2: Double-check safety features

Different garage doors have different safety features in place such as IR sensors that’ll automatically stop the door from closing down when an object is detected to be within the door’s path. Choose a garage door that’s child-proof and finger safe so as to avoid injuries that result from garage door accidents such as trapping fingers in the door.

Tip # 3: Find one that’s suitable for the climate

Different types of garage doors are recommended for different climates and require different degrees of maintenance. Make sure to get a garage door that fits well with your local climate. Your local Residential Garage Door franchisee will be able to advise you accordingly. Buying the cheapest door may not save you money in the long run with the extra maintenance

Tip # 4: Consider your home architecture

Your garage door should compliment your home and should fit in with the rest of your home’s architectural character. When choosing a new garage door, look for inspiration from existing elements in your home such as your windows or doors.

Tip # 5: Choose quality over all else.

The quality of your new garage door is important. It will probably be the main entry and exit point to your home and is the largest moving object you have. Cheaper doors are normally poorer quality and some of the poorer quality doors often have up to 50% less life than a well built reputable door. Not always the cheapest option is the best option.

Tip # 6: Ask the following questions

    • How many wind struts will the door have? (This is important as they reinforce your door against wind and impact from cars and burglars)
    • Does the door have metal or Nylon hinges? (If your door is a double door – metal hinges will give your door more strength and longevity
    • To keep my warranty valid – how often must I have the door and motor serviced? (All motors must be services to keep the warranty valid – If a salesman tells you otherwise, what else has he told you that isn’t true?)
    • How much do you charge for a service?
    • How do I know you will be around next year if anything goes wrong with my door? (A Residential Garage Door Franchisee is legally contracted to stay in business for terms of 5 & 10 years, this ensures that they will always be around if you need them again in the future)

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